Pricing Scaled to Your Size

*Requires a Microsoft Azure tenant and Power Platform licensing. For details see Power Platform Pricing here.

Modules and Services

Varasset’s Joint Use 365 is designed to accommodate your joint use business processes and IT security policies. To streamline your work, reduce data entry, and improve data quality, we can help you integrate Joint Use 365 with other systems.

Esri Integration

As an Esri partner, we’ve integrated our software with Esri for many customers. Each Esri integration has its own configuration requirements. Please contact us with questions about pricing.

NJUNS Integration

Varasset, the developer of Joint Use 365, has provided software development and support for NJUNS for over 15 years. We built the NJUNS API, which is designed to integrate NJUNS with third-party software platforms. We are uniquely qualified to securely, reliably interface your software with NJUNS.

Request a Demo or Ask Questions

We are happy to provide a no-pressure, online demonstration of our software, services and pricing. Our industry specialists will answer your questions honestly and quickly.