Joint Use, Streamlined

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Attachment Management Software for Utility Pole Owners

Joint Use Dashboard
Joint Use 365

Manage Your Full Joint Use Lifecycle

Attachment Request Process

Expedite your attachment permitting. Our configurable workflows adapt to your approval, survey, estimating, make ready, and post-construction inspection processes. Automatic attachment creation and optional NJUNS integration ensure data integrity.

Pole & Attachment Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your poles and third-party attachments. Track ownership changes and replacements. Store related records such as inspections and violations. Integrate with Esri to automatically sync records.

Joint Use Billing

Easily produce billing information for annual rental, attachment request fees and make-ready work. Stage billing data for integration with your financial system of record. Track invoice payment status.



Contract Management

Effectively manage third-party attachment agreements and interactions. Easily trace related permits and attachments. Automatic reminders keep attachers in compliance with insurance and bond requirements. 


Joint Use 365 Overview

Varasset, the developer of Joint Use 365, is the premier provider of software solutions for managing utility poles and third-party joint use attachments. Small cell 5G projects, changing safety regulations and FCC rules put increasing pressure on limited resources. Rural broadband and Smart Cities initiatives make vertical assets more important than ever. Joint Use 365’s automated permitting, workflows, notifications, billing and integration help you provide better service for your attachers and reduce workload on your staff and contractors.

Get the Most from Your Microsoft Investment

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, Joint Use 365 is rich in functionality. Take full advantage of your Microsoft investment by integrating Joint Use 365 with Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, Power BI and more. Embedded mapping, mobile access, enterprise-level document management and world-class security are built right in.

Managing the Permitting Process Shouldn’t be Hard.

Burdened by increasing attachment requests from 5G, fiber and broadband deployment initiatives? Do you spend lots of time responding to permit status requests and looking into multiple systems and spreadsheets to find answers?

Joint Use 365 centralizes and streamlines your permitting process. Configurable permit workflows and dashboards give immediate insight into every phase of the process. Integration with Esri and NJUNS eliminate the need to switch between systems and enter data more than once.

Fully Responsive

Designed for all Major Platforms & Devices

Joint Use 365’s responsive user interface is designed and tested to run on all major browsers and device platforms. Take Joint Use 365 to the field to see real-time updates to attachment requests, safety violations and communications.

Want to take it offline, for use in remote areas? Contact our support team to learn how.


Responsive App

Fully Customizable


Robust User Security

Built-in Dashboards


Who Needs It?

Varasset’s Joint Use 365 is designed for utility pole owners. Is your engineering or joint use department responsible for the following? If so, we can help.

  • Pole installations, replacement & removal
  • Third-party attachment management
  • Attachment permit requests
  • Attachment & make-ready billing
  • Contract management
  • Insurance & bonds
  • Violations
  • Pole inspections
  • Labor & engagement activity management
  • NJUNS tickets

Key Benefits

  • Implement quickly, with minimal IT burden
  • Eliminate multiple systems, spreadsheets and workarounds
  • Simple, one-stop attacher billing
  • Quickly resolve disputes
  • Attachers see current permit status
  • Streamlined make-ready and communication history
  • Eliminate delayed approvals caused by attachment requests that don’t match data
  • Single repository of inspections, corrections & communication
  • Accurate records when attachment ownership changes
  • Rebuild quickly and correctly after storm damage
  • Retain knowledge of assets and processes after people retire
  • Automatically sync tickets and steps with NJUNS

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