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Joint Use 365 is made of highly versatile parts guaranteed to help utility pole owners and their attachers complete projects more effectively, with fewer headaches, in an automated, modern fashion.

Joint Use 365 is an industry solution built with the EvergreenWorx App Suite.

EvergreenWorx is so versatile that it can be configured to solve industry-specific problems. In this case, we combined powerful EvergreenWorx apps to create a tailored solution for the power and communications industries.

The EvergreenWorx App Suite

EvergreenWorx: a toolbox to reduce backend labor

Managing your back-office tasks shouldn’t make up most of your workload. You deserve to do the work you love without sweating the small stuff. That’s why each EvergreenWorx app is designed to automate, streamline, and modernize how you handle necessary scutwork, so you can get back to doing what you’re great at.


The EvergreenWorx Suite is currently made up of six different apps. The apps can be combined with each other and with Microsoft apps to create powerful workflows unique to your business.

EvergreenWorx Maintenance

EvergreenWorx Maintenance

EvergreenWorx Maintenance is an all-in-one maintenance management tool. It allows users to track assets throughout their lifecycle, manage work orders, and reduce downtime.

EvergreenWorx Contracts

EvergreenWorx Contracts

EvergreenWorx Contracts is a simplified contract management system. Users can monitor agreement activities, develop and streamline approval templates, and easily collaborate with clients.

EvergreenWorx Employees

EvergreenWorx Employees

EvergreenWorx Employees is a cost-effective Human Capital Management (HCM) app. It provides employees with a central hub for skills development and onboarding, allowing HR staff to measure performance and automate manual tasks easily.

EvergreenWorx Customers

EvergreenWorx Customers

EvergreenWorx Customers is a rapidly implemented Customer Relationship Management app. Users can record client interactions, store account information, and follow up on leads and opportunities.

EvergreenWorx Expenses

EvergreenWorx Expenses

EvergreenWorx Expenses is a complete travel and expenditure reporting tool. It lets staff quickly record and track expenses without holding onto paper receipts or tracking lost emails. It also makes managers’ jobs easier by streamlining approvals, rejections, and reimbursements.

EvergreenWorx Customers

EvergreenWorx Invoices

EvergreenWorx Invoices is an effortless billing creation and tracking tool. It allows users to create, send, and monitor invoices to get paid faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Joint Use 365 purchased by EvergreenWorx?

No. We used EvergreenWorx Apps as building blocks to create Joint Use 365. The development team that created the EvergreenWorx App Suite built Joint Use 365.

Will pricing for Joint Use 365 change?

No, Joint Use 365 pricing will stay the same! And, if you’re interested in trying out a few EvergreenWorx Apps, you can do so for free. The Community Editions of EvergreenWorx Apps are available for free download through the Microsoft AppSource store.

How will the inclusion of EvergreenWorx apps affect Joint Use 365 users? Will you continue support for Joint Use 365?


Nothing will change because Joint Use 365 already operates with EvergreenWorx components. Joint Use 365 customers can still automate permitting, accelerate project timelines, and streamline asset management. They can also expect regular updates to keep their environments secure and up-to-date. 

The only change is our emphasis on EvergreenWorx apps. While Joint Use 365 is already a sophisticated tool, it can be paired with EvergreenWorx apps to create the ultimate business solution. As well as Joint Use 365’s proven joint use management tool, you can get:


      • A free, easy-to-use CRM
      • A free HR hub for company resources
      • A free company-expenditure reporting and approval tool

How are version updates and patches delivered to Joint Use 365 users?


Our development team will reach out to you when your Joint Use 365 system is ready for improvements. If you’re experiencing any issues with Joint Use 365, please reach out to us by visiting our contact page.

Get the Most from Your Microsoft Investment

The EvergreenWorx App Suite is not a Microsoft product. However, it was built with Microsoft tools. Microsoft offers a wide variety of app creation solutions. Our developers used a Microsoft product called the Power Platform to create the EvergreenWorx App Suite and, by extension, Joint Use 365. This provides Joint Use 365 and EvergreenWorx users with some major benefits.

      • Seamless data integration from Teams, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Outlook, and SharePoint. Implementation is rapid because you don’t have to start from scratch!
      • Data visualization and customizable & shareable dashboards
      • Automated workflows that move your projects along
      • World-class security provided through Microsoft Azure

While we may not be a Microsoft product, we are proud to be a Microsoft partner!

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