NJUNS Integration Add-on

Streamlined Attacher Communications 


Does your organization use NJUNS (the National Joint Utility Notification System) platform to facilitate pole owner and attacher communications?

NJUNS is a not-for-profit consortium of utility companies created for the purpose of providing efficient utility communication. NJUNS provides software as a service that allows its members to communicate and track field workflow regarding joint utility ventures: manage pole transfers, joint trench construction, pole attachments, and project notification. NJUNS is utility funded, utility managed and utility driven.

Varasset, the developer of Joint Use 365, has provided software development and support for NJUNS for over 15 years. We built the NJUNS API, which is designed to integrate NJUNS with third-party software platforms. We are uniquely qualified to securely, reliably interface your software with NJUNS.

Varasset developed the Joint Use 365-NJUNS interface add-on to:

  • Streamline your permitting process
  • Reduce “swivel chair” duplicate data entry
  • Enable attachers to enter their own permit request data
  • Allow attachers to see your pole data, eliminating “which pole” questions
  • Give attachers real-time online access to permit status, greatly reducing phone calls and emails

Simply configure your NJUNS member codes, how often you need to poll for updates, and you’re off to the races. Sync your Ticket information automatically, post updates back to NJUNS as you update your key milestones and start billing for attachments faster without the need for duplicate entry.

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What is NJUNS?

The National Joint Utility Notification System, or NJUNS, is a member-owned, not-for-profit organization consisting of utility pole owners and third-party attachers. The consortium was developed to improve coordination and communication between utilities regarding pole transfers.  

In the early 1990s, two southern utilities created the NJUNS digital platform 

The NJUNS Board of Directors all have backgrounds in or currently work for the communications or utility industries. They offer their time on a volunteer basis and understand how vital effective communication is to accomplishing broadband and public safety goals. 

What does the NJUNS digital platform do?

The NJUNS digital platform allows attachers and pole owners to create digital “tickets” when pole transfers, attachments, or replacements are required. NJUNS sends ticket notifications to pole owners, attachers, and construction crews to keep all affected parties in the loop. 

Today, NJUNS is widely used by both large and small utilities, as well as communications companies across the US. 

Why should utility pole owners use NJUNS?

Utility pole joint use management depends on consistent communication between attachers and pole owners. However, communication between the two isn’t always easy. Federal funding for broadband expansion (e.g., RDOF and BEAD) has communications companies more motivated than ever to meet the strict deployment deadlines required by the grant funding. Utilities, which are typically pole owners, are under pressure to process attachment requests more rapidly, as well as to complete make-ready tasks as quickly as possible. Often, pole owners lack the staff or tools to handle the increased workload. 

These broadband projects result in a huge increase in calls and emails between utilities and third-party attachers, with both staff frantically trying to complete attachment approvals, check project status, schedule and coordinate field work, manage crews and contractors, and other necessary tasks. This process distracts both parties from other critical tasks and threatens deadlines on other projects. 

By joining the National Joint Utility Notification System (NJUNS), utilities can streamline communication to third-party attachers. When integrated with Joint Use 365, NJUNS is a powerful tool that allows joint use departments and attachers to stay in the loop and on top of their deadlines without picking up the phone. 

Why should utility pole owners integrate NJUNS with Joint Use 365?

While NJUNS is an excellent tool and resource for any utility, it’s still siloed from pole owner’s core, back-office operations. For example, if an attacher submits a pole attachment request via NJUNS, the pole owner can use NJUNS to process that request. However, to manage the rental billing, inspections, agreements, permits, and make-ready tasks that need to be completed, the pole owner must re-enter details from NJUNS into their various management systems. This takes time away from more critical tasks and reduces overall productivity. 

Joint Use 365 is a software platform designed specifically for joint use pole owners. It offers a secure, centralized hub for attachment requests, pole transfers, billing, make-ready tasks, permits, inspections, violations, and other back-office functions. 

How does the NJUNS integration with Joint Use 365 work?

The NJUNS integration allows attachers to use the NJUNS system to view and feed data into Joint Use 365 without any extra effort by the pole owners. The attacher simply selects the poles they wish to attach to, enters their pole attachment request into NJUNS, and the request is instantly available in Joint Use 365. The attacher does the data entry, eliminating guesswork and significantly reducing labor by the pole owner. 

The pole owner can then set up agreements, manage rental billing, and compose the necessary make-ready tasks within Joint Use 365. From then on, any time the pole owner completes a make-ready task, Joint Use 365 will automatically update the NJUNS record, which immediately notifies attachers. Attachers can use NJUNS to check project status at any time, without phone calls or emails to the pole owner, saving both parties the headache of constant project check-ins. 

What are the benefits of integrating NJUNS with Joint Use 365?

Think you’re already busy with RDOF projects? The FCC predicts pole attachment requests to all utilities will skyrocket in late 2023 due to BEAD. To stay ahead of the incoming “broadband tsunami,” utilities and attachers must have an easy way to manage their projects. While NJUNS makes it easier for both parties to stay informed, pole owners still have plenty of time-consuming back-office work processes that could be automated. 

Joint Use 365 simplifies and expedites permitting by centralizing all attachment request processes. With the NJUNS integration, Joint Use 365 reduces the utility’s joint use department workload while increasing accuracy and accountability. The Joint Use 365-NJUNS integration allows utilities to manage all pole attachment records from Joint Use 365 while updating attachers in real-time. The integration saves utilities time, keeps third-party attachers up-to-date and off the phone, collects all attachment rental fees, and helps pole owners actively support broadband deployment in their communities. 

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