NJUNS Integration Add-on

Streamlined Attacher Communications 


Does your organization use NJUNS (the National Joint Utility Notification System) platform to facilitate pole owner and attacher communications?

NJUNS is a not-for-profit consortium of utility companies created for the purpose of providing efficient utility communication. NJUNS provides software as a service that allows its members to communicate and track field workflow regarding joint utility ventures: manage pole transfers, joint trench construction, pole attachments, and project notification. NJUNS is utility funded, utility managed and utility driven.

Varasset, the developer of Joint Use 365, has provided software development and support for NJUNS for over 15 years. We built the NJUNS API, which is designed to integrate NJUNS with third-party software platforms. We are uniquely qualified to securely, reliably interface your software with NJUNS.

Varasset developed the Joint Use 365-NJUNS interface add-on to:

  • Streamline your permitting process
  • Reduce “swivel chair” duplicate data entry
  • Enable attachers to enter their own permit request data
  • Allow attachers to see your pole data, eliminating “which pole” questions
  • Give attachers real-time online access to permit status, greatly reducing phone calls and emails

Simply configure your NJUNS member codes, how often you need to poll for updates, and you’re off to the races. Sync your Ticket information automatically, post updates back to NJUNS as you update your key milestones and start billing for attachments faster without the need for duplicate entry.

Contact us to see a demonstration of the Joint Use 365-NJUNS interface in action.

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