Caribbean Utility Company goes live with Joint Use 365

We are thrilled to announce that Caribbean Utility Company Cayman (CUC) has successfully implemented Joint Use 365, a groundbreaking solution for their joint use team. Serving approximately 31,000 customers in the Cayman Islands, CUC is renowned for being one of the most reliable and efficient power companies in the Caribbean. Now, with Joint Use 365, they will experience even greater efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

Joint Use 365 offers a range of benefits for CUC. Firstly, it streamlines and structures pole attachment permitting processes, ensuring a smoother and more organized workflow. CUC can efficiently manage and track attachments, reduce delays, and improve overall productivity. Additionally, Joint Use 365 provides improved billing capabilities, allowing for accurate and timely invoicing. This not only benefits CUC but also enhances the experience for their attachers, fostering better communication and collaboration between all parties involved.

Furthermore, Joint Use 365 seamlessly integrates with CUC’s GIS, enabling its joint use department to efficiently coordinate and resolve safety violations. By having real-time access to data and information, CUC can proactively address any potential safety concerns, ensuring the well-being of its customers and employees.

The successful implementation of Joint Use 365 marks an important milestone for CUC. With streamlined attachment permitting processes, improved billing capabilities, and enhanced safety coordination, CUC is well-equipped to provide world-class service to its customers and attachers.

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Joint Use 365 is the premier software solution for managing utility poles and third-party joint use attachments. Joint Use 365’s automated permitting, workflows, notifications, billing and integration help you automate, providing better service for your attachers and reducing workload on your staff and contractors

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