DEMCO goes live with Joint Use 365

We are happy to announce that Dixie Electric Membership Company (DEMCO) has officially implemented Varasset’s Joint Use 365 solution. DEMCO chose Joint Use 365 to simplify its permitting processes and enhance its workflows.

Joint Use 365 will consolidate DEMCO’s asset records, billing, and contracts into one hub. This will help reduce the number of manual, repetitive tasks their joint use department handles and allow them to focus on other strategic tasks.

Joint Use 365’s integrations with Esri provides users with a live, comprehensive map of all attachments and associated assets. Integrations with NJUNS will centralize DEMCO’s permitting records and activities, and the automated notification system will improve and streamline communications with attachers, bringing projects to completion faster.

With significant federal grants for broadband expansions, the number of attachment requests on utility poles is predicted to surge in 2023. The transition to Joint Use 365 will allow DEMCO to aid third-party attachers while rapidly reducing its joint use workload.

At Varasset, we are committed to providing solutions that streamline joint use management, and we are thrilled to have DEMCO as a client. Contact us to learn more about how Joint Use 365 can benefit utility companies by implementing intuitive, time-saving processes and lightening workloads.

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Joint Use 365 is the premier software solution for managing utility poles and third-party joint use attachments. Joint Use 365’s automated permitting, workflows, notifications, billing and integration help you automate, providing better service for your attachers and reducing workload on your staff and contractors

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