Knoxville Utility Board Enhances Service with Joint Use 365 Implementation

We are thrilled to announce that Knoxville Utility Board (KUB) has successfully implemented Joint Use 365. This premier software solution manages utility poles and third-party joint use attachments, significantly enhancing operations and service delivery.

KUB is an electric utility serving over 478,000 customers in Knoxville and surrounding counties. The key benefits for KUB include a streamlined application process, where Joint Use 365 provides a comprehensive solution for efficient tracking and management of applications, replacing the previously ineffective spreadsheet system. Additionally, the software offers enhanced management insights through valuable data and analytics, enabling KUB to optimize resources effectively.

Improved time management is another significant advantage, with real-time updates on application status from Joint Use 365 helping KUB stay on top of deadlines. Lastly, clear visibility is now possible as both KUB and their attachers can easily identify the status of applications, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

Joint Use 365 continues to empower utilities like KUB by automating processes, improving efficiency, and delivering exceptional service. For more information about Joint Use 365, please contact us.

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Joint Use 365 is the premier software solution for managing utility poles and third-party joint use attachments. Joint Use 365’s automated permitting, workflows, notifications, billing and integration help you automate, providing better service for your attachers and reducing workload on your staff and contractors

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