Valley Electric Association Selects Joint Use 365 for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

We’re pleased to announce that Valley Electric Association (VEA), the Nevada electric utility serving 45,000 customers within a sprawling 6,800-mile service area, has evaluated and selected Joint Use 365, a leading-edge software solution crafted to efficiently manage utility poles and orchestrate third-party utility pole joint use attachments.

VEA is navigating a surge in pole attachment requests due to broadband funding programs like RDOF and BEAD. They selected Joint Use 365, a sophisticated, affordable joint use solution, to automate and streamline permitting, workflows, notifications, and billing. VEA will use Joint Use 365 to reduce workload on their team, reduce errors, and deliver exceptional service to their valued attachers.

Stay tuned for additional success stories and innovations as we continue to support our customers on the path to exemplary utility management.

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Joint Use 365 is the premier software solution for managing utility poles and third-party joint use attachments. Joint Use 365’s automated permitting, workflows, notifications, billing and integration help you automate, providing better service for your attachers and reducing workload on your staff and contractors

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